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For about the dances of all these periods, you can visit the Dance Through History pages of the Early Dance Circle website: http://www.earlydancecircle.co.uk/resources/dance-through-history/

To see some these dances on the dance floor, you might like to visit the EDC YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTSRkUZSDO9ZESOh_Y_zrJA

and The Historical Dance Society’s Photos and videos section on their website: https://historicaldance.org.uk/photos

To go to the homepage of either of these organisations, follow the links below:

The Historical Dance Society

Early Dance Circle

Costume Hire

The Oast Theatre in Tonbridge has a good selection of costumes for hire.  If you are interested, go to: www.oasttheatre.com/costume-hire